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Open Link With is an app which enables you to open any web page you visit, using the corresponding app. What exactly does that mean? It's really quite simple. Often, while browsing on your Android device you may come across a Youtube, Twitter, Patreon, Medium ... or any other kind of page. Using Open Link With you are able to let the browser know that you wish to open that particular web page in its corresponding app. This can be done easily and quickly.

Open Link With is a very light app, offering you an improved overall browsing experience. With this installed, never again will you have to visit 'webviews' of apps such as Twitter, Youtube, or Kickstarter ... as long as you have those apps installed on your device, of course.
How to make web links open through their associated apps

A recurring annoyance when browsing on Android usually happens when you try to redirect a webpage to its associated app. Or usually, when it WON'T redirect. The OS usually asks you what app you want to open a specific file or page with, but sometimes the apps aren't linked up properly and you end up stuck watching a YouTube video in your browser instead of in the official app (or whatever video player you prefer to use). Though these problems can be resolved manually, the Open Link With app does precisely this in a much smoother way, forcing the system to ask you which app you want to associate a given link with.
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Android 4.0.3 or above required